Carson City is the capital city of Nevada. Carson City Camp is located there. Route 50 connects Carson City to Dayton.

Carson City has gangs; Bruce Tinner's cover story for Biff Carlo was that he was a jailed gang member from Carson City. (Schrodinger's Prisoners)

In October 2009, James Zanasiu returns to Carson City to reunite with Werner Donitz, Aisha Tennes, Cale, and Rudyard Shelton to go search for Hans Donitz in the Red Dunes Mesa. Werner mentioned that he had been working at a gun store and living in a government-provided house in Carson City. (Pavlov's Checkmate)

Sometime between 2009 and 2022, Ernest was driving from Carson City to Dayton when he rescued Sophie Donitz from the desert heat. Later, a Humvee driven by Aisha Tennes picks up Micah Landon from his clinic in Carson City and then participates in a car chase down Route 50 to return Sophie to Pelvanida so she can make her bridge. (Next of Kin)

Alternate versionsEdit

Ashley and Halsey lived on the streets of Carson City, and after her capture by Pelvanida scientists and experimentation Ashley escaped and lived in alternate Carson City. (Ground One).

In real lifeEdit

In Darwin's Soldiers, Carson City is usually just mentioned rather than seen. The one time it appears is when Aisha picks up James in her car, and the surroundings are never described. It is presumably the same as regular Carson City. It appears most prominently in Next of Kin due to being Sophie's primary destination while on Earth.

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