Camilla was a member of DS-1. She was the team medic, and the second-in-command.

Character historyEdit

before September 2009Edit

Camilla went on numerous missions with DS-1, including the theft of the solar panel array from the Zzyzx Desert Studies Center. Camilla jeopardized the ultimately-failed mission by knocking over a rack of cooking equipment.

On what would be DS-1's penultimate mission, they were sent to SORA Gas & Electric to investigate the disappearance of DS-4, who was last seen there. Like the rest of the team, she surrendered her weapons at the door.

In Sir Beys' office, Camilla was attacked by autoturrets, and was among the teammates to escape the office. After that, she and Amphinomus returned to the main hangar to retrieve their weapons. They defeated the guards, but all the weapons were destroyed except Achates' micropistol.

The pair stormed the security room and later were joined by Protesilaus, where they witnessed over the cameras Achates and Dolon escape Sir Beys. Camilla came up with the idea of using the electric rifle to overload SORA's primary generator. The three retrieved the rifle, and while Protesilaus and Amphinomus went to rescue Dolon, Camilla headed to retrieve Achates from outside the base. There, she was likewise locked out by Sir Beys.

After that, she was stuck outside in the cold for the remainder of the mission. After the base was destroyed, Achates and Camilla rescued the other teammates, who were trapped under the Thor's Iris.(Nietzsche's Soldiers 2) After that, the two traveled to the Culeston General Hospital to pick up medical supplies for the other teammates, who had all experienced injuries from the mission. (Disruptive Selection)


  • Camilla did not appear to be with DS-1 for their final fight against James' team. Of the six members shown in Disruptive Selection, Amphinomus, Achates, Protesilaus, and Dolon were mentioned by name or rank, and the final two members were identified as male. It's unknown why she was replaced on the team.
  • Despite being team medic, Camilla never healed anybody in any of her appearances.


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