Cale was an experiment created at Pelvanida Research Base. A chameleon with the power to generate electricty, he also could superheat atmospheric particles to create glass weaponry out of thin air. He played for many different factions during the terrorist, Dragonstorm, and Richard Warden incidents.

Character HistoryEdit

February 2009Edit

Cale resented being experimented on, and initially sided with the terrorists. He attacked James' team in a laboratory, but was neutralized by saline sloution, at the suggestion of Rudyard Shelton.

Later, he encountered Shelton's grroup attempting to reach auxiliary control, and joined them. During the climactic final battle in the hangar, he drained the Einstein-Rosen bridge of power, but was unable to prevent the terrorists from activating their backup generator. (Darwin's Soldiers)

July 2009Edit

Cale joined James' team in assaulting Pelvanida during the time Dragonstorm took it over. (Survival of the Fittest)

September 2009Edit

Cale followed James Zanasiu and his team for much of September, but secretly was working for Oruboros, a Dragonstorm splinter-faction designed to infiltrate James' team and destroy it. Briefly, Cale became romantically attracted to Aimee, and when she rebuked him he flew into a rage and left the team for Lab 101, where he became Roux's mate. He later joined the team after being subdued during the battle at Lab 101, until later turning on the team with the other members of Oruboros. He's currently running freelance with Slash, Agito, and Ryu Kagetora. (Disruptive Selection)

October 2009Edit

After the Dragonstorm threat was neutralized, Cale was transferred to Crimson Base as an experiment, with restrictions placed on his freedom due to his unreliability. Richard Warden attempted to blackmail him into joining his men, but Cale ignored the empty threat. He later joined James Zanasiu, Werner Donitz, Aisha Tennes, and Rusyard Shelton in disbanding Ricky's men and rescuing Hans Donitz. (Pavlov's Checkmate)



To date, Cale is the only character to play for both the Terrorist and Dragonstorm factions. Cale has played for more factions than any other character, at various times siding with the Psi-Experiments, Terrorists, Anti-Dragonstorm, Dragonstorm, and Dragonstorm Experiments. In the end he abandons all factions and runs away with Aimee to become a civilian.

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