Breathtaker was a highly dangerous Dragonstorm experiment.

Character sheetEdit

The following character sheet was not posted in the role-play, but instead was part of a large amount of brief bios Mirumoto_Kenjiro posted in a separate thread dedicated to his characters.

Name: Project D-14/Breathtaker AKA Shadow
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Caucasian Human
Faction: Experiment, Dragonstorm
Specialization/Knowledge: Martial arts, knife-fighting
Powers: Transforming into vapor at will
Weapons/Equipment: 3 pairs of large throwing/fighting daggers, pair of curved fighting daggers
Personality: Cold, dark sense of humor

Character historyEdit

Breathtaker survived the destruction of the U.S.S. Surrounded Sea, and was very frustrated when Dr. Ian Branston flew away without attempting to rescue any of the experiements.

Breathtaker reached Lab 101 and was one of Ajax's only scouts that managed to spy on James' team and get back alive. He was in the lead convoy car with Ajax, Ajax, and Darien Walters, but did not recieve a medal like the others.

For his actions Breathtaker was chosen to undergo testing and become one of the elite Dragonstorm experiments, truly crafted for field infiltration and assassination. He was in competition with Viper for this role, but she fled Dragonstorm so his position was secured.

Breathtaker was one of several experiments that attacked James' team at Cornova and survived. Later he encountered Mitchell Crota, Gustave Chiumbo, Sharon Varma, and the body of Keith Bailey in the oil rig. Along with Stalker and Deathwind he planned to murder the survivors of James' team but was robbed of his powers when Crota shot him with the serum. He presumably drowned in the sinking oil rig. (Disruptive Selection)


  • Breathtaker's story, like many of Mirumoto_Kenjiro's characters', was dropped because the author left the RP. LettuceBacon&Tomato and MrDrake planned to have him return as second-in-command of New Peenemunde Harbor, but Mirumoto vetoed the cameo so the character simply stopped appearing. When Mirumoto announced his permanent departure from the Gang of Five forum, Breathtaker was brought back this time to be killed off.
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