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Biff Carlo was a civilian recruited by Bruce Tinner for the testing team of his virtual reality machine. While Tinner claimed Carlo was merely a gang member from Carson City, in reality he was an elite hacker sentenced to life in prison for some government files he broke into. Carlo took Tinner's offer so he could hack the machine and live in virtual reality, rather than go to jail.

However Rudyard Shelton convinced him to stand down, and like everyone else, Carlo was brought out of the machine when it shut down. (Schrödinger's Prisoners)

Biff was eventually released, and returned to Carson City. He was still haunted by the ghosts of his past, and when an unknown youth walked up to him to ask directions, he stabbed him in the stomach, assuming it was a gang member. ("CS:Signs of the Father")

Due to the political and local fervor that built up as people learned he stabbed an innocent young man, Carlo paid for the youth's medical bills for two months. When Junior awoke, both readily agreed to go their separate ways and put the past behind them. ("CS:The Meaning of Love")



  • It is strongly implied that the documents Biff hacked into were Dragonstorm-related.