Hailey sees the baseball on the wall

The baseball is a temporary item in Gamer 2. Hailey finds it on a wall plaque while traversing through the building level. She can throw it at zombies to knock them over, whereupon the ball will bounce back to her. She eventually uses the baseball to rupture a fire extinguisher on the wall, killing a zombie with the extinguisher's foamy discharge so she can continue. Immediately after that she obtains the derezzer, an upgrade in every way to the baseball.


  • If the player collects the derezzer but then intentionally dies to the zombie on the bottom floor, they can recollect the baseball and carry it with them to the end of the level. Nevertheless the ball will be gone when the streets level starts.
  • Hailey automatically crouches when throwing the baseball, unlike when using the derezzer. This lets her bounce the ball off walls directly in front of her without immediately re-collecting it.
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