Ayla was a Gamanian and a member of the Union against the Sapaar.

Character historyEdit

Ayla participated on the attack on the nuclear power plant and, when the Sapaar destroyed the planet, escaped its destruction on Hans' shuttlecraft. She also survived when the shuttle crash-landed on Gaman's moon, killing most other occupants of the ship. Ayla's arm was broken, but Falsta fixed her a sling before he died.

Ayla kept Hans company until Werner rescued them, when she returned to Werner's camp. She had grown very close to Hans, and the two stayed near each other through most of the construction of the Einstein-Rosen bridge. When the Sapaar attacked, she helped fight Trano away from Hans, and after the hurricane hit, she flew with the rest of the colony to Brut's cave, where the Gaman and Sapaar reconciled and formed one colony. (Ship of State)

Hans and Ayla lived together as significant others in the Vurna colony. When Hans, Werner, and Seska slipped into comas due to the gate plague, Ayla took care of them while Sophie was on Earth seeking the cure. She was openly critical of Menken and Trano's inability to lead together, and overjoyed when Sophie returned with the cure and saved Seska, Werner, and Hans' lives. (Next of Kin)


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