Aydin Marcos was a defect from Dragonstorm who later joined James' team.

Character sheetEdit

Full name: Aydin Marcos

Creator: Noname
Age: 24
Species: Vulpine (like Aimee)
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches. (may be modified)
Weight: Unknown, but greater than a female Vulpine's.
Clothing: Typical human clothing, minus footwear.
Skills: Decent marksman, some knowledge of hand-to-hand combat.
Background: Born on a Vulpine colony, Aydin grew up in an environment typical of his people; little work, much poverty, substandard government services, and few opportunities. He was approached by Dragonstorm agents at the age of 22 to take part in an experiment using stolen telepathic technology. The experiment worked, and a chip was implanted in Aydin's head, granting him the ability to communicate with others with similar chips from a distance. After a while, it was apparent that Dragonstorm was an evil organization, and Aydin defected from them.

Character historyEdit

before September 2009Edit

Aydin grew up with Hailey and Aimee in Springwood, within a Vulpine colony. Racism affected his early life, he later said that Aimee was the only thing that made his early years worth living.

Aydin grew up to become a secret agent and worked with Thomas Stern on many occasions. He later joined Dragonstorm, but defected.

September 2009Edit

When Stern later encountered Aimee in Culeston, Oregon, he contacted Aydin, and Aydin rushed to meet with up. He first encountered members of James' team during Schutzhund, but did not reveal his identity until he'd met Aimee. During the raid on Trinity's facility, he joined Rudyard Shelton is posing as Dragonstorm inspectors, where he stole all of the data from Trinity's personal computer.

He went with the group to the Holiday Inn Express, where he had sex with Aimee that night.

He then followed the group to Lab 101 and Crimson Base. Distraught with the disappearance of Aimee following the battle at Lab 101, he forcefully demanded that the soldiers at Crimson help him find her, stirring dislike between him and the other soldiers. He then traveled with the team to another hotel at Cornova, but that night set out on his own to find his hideout where he sent the data from Trinity's computer.

He didn't get out of Cornova; the team learned from a newspaper of his death at 2 AM in a convenience store. (Disruptive Selection)

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