The Away team was a group of individuals selected by James Zanasiu to travel with him through the Einstein-Rosen Bridge in the wake of the "Pelvanida Incident".

The people chosen were:

# Original anti-matter copy
0 James Zanasiu James Zanasiu (anti-matter)
1 Zachary Johnson Steven Johnson
2 Rudyard Shelton Oscar Shelton
3 Neku Neku (anti-matter)
4 Snow Snow (anti-matter)
5 Hans Donitz Hans Donitz (anti-matter)
6 Werner Donitz Werner Donitz (anti-matter)
7 Victor Summers Victor Summers (anti-matter)
8 Josephine Smithson Carol Smithson
9 Siberys Siberys (anti-matter)
10 Roy Hawkeye Roy Hawkeye (anti-matter)
11 Ryu Kagetora Ryu Kagetora (anti-matter)
12 Lockdown Lockdown (anti-matter)

The original team jumped through the bridge on March 1st, 2009. However, due to a bridge accident caused by Lockdown, the original team was spat back out, and the anti-matter duplicates were created in their place.

Fates of team membersEdit

  • James was stranded in the early history of Gaman with Seska. The two would go on to found the Gaman civilization.
  • Hans and Werner chose to stay behind on the exploding planet. They escaped on shuttlecraft and founded a society on Gaman's moon.
  • Neku and Snow volunteered to stay in anti-matter Pelvanida with Hawkeye. They escaped the irradiated zone around Pelvanida and reached civilization. Hawkeye's AI was destroyed but his shuttle survived.
  • Vic and Kagetora were chosen to stay in anti-matter Pelvanida. Both escaped the base in Hawkeye, though Kagetora sacrificed himself to stop Tardigan from killing the whole team. Vic reached the safe zone around the quarantine zone with Snow and Neku. All three died a few years later of Shelton's disease.
  • Siberys was the first teammate killed, shot by James during the first foray onto Gaman when he delayed the team's escape.
  • Zachary, Shelton, Lockdown, and Dr. Joe successfully returned to Earth. Lockdown was later killed by Richard Warden. Shelton died many years later of Shelton's disease.
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