Auxiliary control is a back up control room, for use if the primary control room becomes shut down or otherwise unavailable. It was located in the sublevels.

During the terrorist invasion, a team led by Rudyard Shelton attempted to reach auxiliary control, but all of them except Shelton were incapacitated by the Sublevel guard led by Atticus Ædelwulf.

Shelton was taken to Colonel Carl Carstairs and his corrupt security guards and forced to let them into auxiliary control. Once inside, they sent a message to the terrorist commander to join forces. When the terrorist commander, along with his aide Broughton and his captive Lockdown, arrived, they were attacked by James' team. With help from the reformed Sublevel guard, all opponents were killed, and auxiliary control became James' team's new headquarters.

After the Einstein-Rosen bridge was destroyed and the terrorist threat was neutralized, everyone on James' team regrouped in auxiliary control to wait for the military to arrive.

During James' team's invasion of Pelvanida in July 2009, Shelton suggested auxiliary control as one of several possible places to secure, but the team never actually visited there.

Auxiliary control was destroyed along with the rest of Pelvanida when Crimson Base airstriked the base. (Survival of the Fittest)

Other versionsEdit

In the virtual Pelvanida created in Bruce Tinner's virtual reality machine, Compton reached auxiliary control and located the origin off the deadly gas, accomplishing Test 2. Later, however, when Shelton broke into auxiliary control with a fire ax, he found that the gas had penetrated the room and Compton was dead.

In Texas Base, Shelton used their auxiliary control to shut down their thought chip relay. (Disruptive Selection)

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