Atticus Ædelwulf was the head of the sublevel guard at Pelvanida during the terrorist incident.

Character historyEdit

February 2009Edit

Ædelwulf originally sided with the terrorists, and kidnapped Rudyard Shelton so that he would allow them access to auxiliary control. Once the opportunity arose, however, Ædelwulf betrayed the terrorist commander and swore his men would ally with James' team. He then led his men during the final shootout at the hangar. (Disruptive Selection)

After February 2009Edit

Atticus, like all members of the sublevel guard, were fired in the wake of the terrorist incident. (Fool's Gold)

September 2009Edit

After Dragonstorm took over Pelvanida, Ædelwulf was experimented on. He gained cybernetic internal skeleton and his eyes were augmented in an unspecified way. He was in a cryostsis pod at Lab 101 and was rescued by Cale, Neku, and Roux. they managed to make their way to Crimson Base and reunite with James' team. When the members of Ouruboros betrayed everyone, Ædelwulf singlehandedly restrained Ryu Kagetora with his enhanced grip.

He stayed behind at Crimson Base after the others left, meaning he probably died during the airstrike. (Disruptive Selection)

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