Aron was a Sapaar child living in Vurna. His mother ran the brewery.

Character historyEdit

Aron was Sophie Donitz's only friend. The two would smoke sallowroot together and generally avoid the other kids. When Sophie discovered the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, Aron was the only person she told.

The two stole a shuttlecraft power cell and activated the bridge so Sophie could jump to Earth and find the cure to her parents' illness. However, Aron had second thoughts about their plan and warned Werner, who tried unsuccessfully to stop his daughter from jumping.

Aron witnessed the colony grow ever more fractured following Menken and Trano gain leadership over the colony. However, after the two men reached an agreement over a fight at the brewery, Aron told them the truth about where Sophie had gone. The whole colony then gathered to witness Sophie's return. (Next of Kin)


  • Like many other characters from Gaman, Aron's name is a warped name from Shakespeare. Namely, Aaron from Titus Andronicus.
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