Anti-matter is the substance that everything in the anti-matter universe is composed of. It behaves almost exactly the same as matter, and appears to be related to matter as its universe is "parallel"; it shares many of the same facets and a roughly identical timeline. The only difference is the people involved; it is extremely rare for the same individual to exist in both universes, but locations are extremely common.

According to Oscar Shelton, if an anti-matter being/object touches the parallel "matter" object or person, both will be annihilated. (Card of Ten) Also, any matter persons who are exposed to anti-matter will have anti-particles in their blood for the rest of their lives. (Next of Kin)

Halsey, a matter universe terrorist, invented an Einstein-Rosen bridge which allows passageway between worlds. Its sole use was corrupted when a traveller flooded the bridge with anti-matter and transmuted the away team.

Anti-matter in the Matter UniverseEdit

Lockdown was an experiment who could turn beings or objects into matter/anti-matter hybrids. They were immediately destroyed because identical matter interacted with anti-matter.

Several individuals from the anti-matter universe have successfully crossed over to the matter universe. These include Oscar Shelton, Steven Johnson, Josephine Smithson, Lockdown, and the traveller.

James Zanasiu (anti-matter), Siberys (anti-matter), and Seska (anti-matter) lived out their lives on Gaman. Hans and Werner Donitz (anti-matter) lived out their lives on Gaman's moon.

Characters made of anti-matterEdit

  • Individuals vaporized by Lockdown

In real lifeEdit

The term "anti-matter" as used by Darwin's Soldiers shares very little in common with the actual scientific term.

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