The Anti-Dragonstorm Alliance (ADSA) was an unofficial organization of scientists and personnel at Pelvanida organized in reaction to Dragonstorm's increased presence in the research base following the terrorist invasion.

One of the original founders was Wayne Anthony, assistant to Dr. Robin Kyle, who lost his job in the aftermath of the terrorist invasion.

Members of the Alliance carried identification cards, usually hidden in locations on their person, such as a secret slot in the sole of their shoes. Each corner of the card included someone who had been forced out of their job by Dragonstorm: James Zanasiu, Rudyard Shelton, Werner Donitz, and Josephine Smithson.

During the reconstruction projects of Pelvanida, head chef Dean Nixon managed to bar off the office next to the meat lockers and create a secret ADSA headquarters. From March 2009 to July 2009.

When James' team invaded Pelvanida in July 2009, Wayne was the first ADSA member to encounter them. He brought them to the headquarters, where they met Dr. Fenton Bradley and his assistant Riley. They followed the team to the control room and remined there.

Later, when Lab 101 started evacuating the base, Wayne sent out a call to all ADSA members requesting that they locate any remaining Dragonstorm personnel. Head janitor Martin Ng found Dr. Howard Hicks and Dr. Nicholas Jeston in Lab 23 and notified Wayne, leading to Hick's capture, Jeston's death, and the car chase through Las Vegas. Several members of ADSA particpated in the car chase, including Dean Nixon, Drs. John Volkowitz, Arnold Green, and Klaus Ostermann.

During this time, Drs. Allan Falco and Erik Bjurling evacuated the base with a team from Crimson Base. (Survival of the Fittest) Later, when Crimson Base destroyed Pelvanida, Dr. Bradley saved his and Anthony's life by hiding in the sublevels but every other member of ADSA was killed.

Later, the surviving four members of ADSA all met up at Crimson Base and developed a serum that could strip experiments of their powers. They were successful in creating the serum, but a Dragonstorm airstrike destroyed the base, killing Falco, Bjurling, and Bradley, and destroying almost all of the serum. Only a single pistol containing serum-infused bullets survived, and Anthony brought it to Dr. Zanasiu in Texas.

Anthony remains the only known surviving member of ADSA. (Disruptive Selection)

Known PersonnelEdit

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