Amphinomus was the commander of DS-1.

Character historyEdit

Before September 2009Edit

Amphinomus led DS-1 in stealing the solar panel array of the Zzyzx Desert Studies Center, though the team was not as sneaky as Ian Branston would have liked them to be.

On DS-1's penultimate mission, the team investigated SORA Gas & Electric to discover the whereabouts of DS-4. At the door, he willingly surrendered all his weapons.

After visiting Sir Beys in his office, Amphinomus fled the room with the rest of the team sans Hippolytes in the face of autoturrets. He and Camilla then traveled to the hangar to recover their weapons. They fended off the front guards, but all weapons except Achates' micropistol was destroyed. They then traveled to the security room, reuniting with Protesilaus, and made radio contact with Dolon. Upon learning the location of the electric rifle, the three retrieved it, then split up to rescue their teammates. Amphinomus and Protesilaus traveled to save Dolon, who was pinned under the Thor's Iris by guards. After killing the guards, the three confronted Sir Beys in the primary generator room. Amphinomus dueled him in hand-to-hand combat on the rafters and later the floor, but was defeated both times, suffering a bullet wound to the arm in the second encounter. When Hippolytes destroyed the base, Amphinomus and Protesilaus was saved by Dolon and his Iris.

Afterward, Amphinomus promoted Dolon over the new scientist, and made a full recovery in the hospital. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2)

September 2009Edit

On what would prove to be DS-1's final mission, the team tracked Dr. James Zanasiu's team for 48 hours, before setting a spike strip and blowing the tires of a van carrying several members of Zanasiu's team. Despite their advantage, every team member except Achates was killed; Amphinomus had his neck snapped by Aimee. (Disruptive Selection)


  • Amphinomus was the second-to-last person to die during the van shootout, and the last to go down fighting.
  • Amphinomus is the protagonist in Nietzsche's Soldiers 2, making him the first black protagonist in a Darwin's Soldiers story.
    • He is the only story protagonist with no relation to a main character from the role-plays.
  • Early drafts of Nietzsche's Soldiers 2 had Amphinomus as a duck.


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