Alternate Epilogue is the name given to a version of the epilogue that ended significantly differently from the canon one. It was the original epilogue to Disruptive Selection, before creative differences and a general dislike for certain plot points or the tone caused the authors to unanimously decide to delete it and write a new one. It was saved in a Google Doc and can be read here


The epilogue begins the same, with various characters meeting 30 years later at a movie theater and watching a film about their exploits. However, after Aisha Tennes asks Roux what movies she plans on watching tonight, unseen assassins fire sniper rifle from the catwalks, killing Roux, Neku, Slash, Agito, Roy Hawkeye, Ryu Kagetora, and Cale. The horrified crowd begins panicking, Gustave Chiumbo and Aimee investigate the stage and find the assassins killed themselves with cyanide pills. General Mitchell Crota is evacuated by his bodyguards and a number of teammates reveal they had brought firearms for their self-defense. Kiara suffers from a heart attack. As the movie's credits roll the loved ones of the deceased get a final, tearful farewell, during which Slash and Agito reveal to Shakila Brennan that they had planned to propose to her that night.

Paramedics who had been called by Micah Landon arrive and begin checking the dead bodies for life. One of them reports unusual findings and to everyone's amazement the bodies begin healing themselves. The medic hypothesizes that in their moment of death all of the wounded characters' powers combined to create a life force that saved them. A different medic reveals that Kiara still has a pulse and would survive.

At that moment, another assassin materializes on the other side and headshots Aimee, Shakila, Nixx, and Kiara, then kills himself with a cyanide pill. Crota is evacuated (again) from the premises and a collection of characters (James Zanasiu, Sharon Varma, Erik Varma-Zanasiu, Zachary Johnson, and Neville Ivers) leave before they can get shot at again. The epilogue abruptly ends as the authors decide to delete the whole thing up to Aisha's question about movies.


  • Yuri Kerzach never reaches the theater in this version of the epilogue. Lt. Stamda is presumably present but is never referred to by name.
  • Zachary Johnson appears in the theater after shooting starts. He does not appear in the canon epilogue.
  • nick22 was the user who deleted the posts.
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