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Alfred Byford was a phsically imposing construction worker who joined James' team.

Character history[]

July 2009[]

Byford was employed as one of the many construction workers repairing Pelvanida after the terrorist incident. He first assaulted James' team and almost single-handedly defeated the lot of them with just his brute strength. James Zanasiu managed to convince him that he and his allies were the good guys, and after that Alfred followed James loyally. His strength came in handy numerous times, and he never left James' team all the way up to the final fight on the oil rig two months later.

After the Dragonstorm incident, Admiral Donald Tennes offered Alfred 6 million dollars in hush money, half for him and half for his family. (Survival of the Fittest, Disruptive Selection).


  • Alfred is the first major character to be part of the civilian faction. The civilian faction wasn't even established until Disruptive Selection; he had it retroactively applied to him.
  • In the discussion thread, Serris posted further information on Alfred's life between the main events of Disruptive Selection and the epilogue thirty years later: "He decided to try his hand as a circus strongman for a while. And then he decided to finally get his college degree. He's gotten a bit fatter but he is stil [sic] immensely strong."