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Aiko was the technical communications expert on Crimson Squad and went on many of their most important missions.

Character sheet[]

His posted character sheet was as follows:

Name: Aiko
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Akita
Faction: Soldier, Crimson Squad
Specialization/Knowledge: Computers, technology, & cyber warfare
Weapons/Equipment: Sub-machine gun, semi-automatic sidearm, laptop & portable computer equipment
Personality: Optimistic, more cunning than he appears

Character history[]

Aiko was one of the 'new faces' who joined Victor Summers, Josephine Smithson and Snow in their infiltration of Pelvanida Research Base (the other was Feral Jones). He suffered minor injuries during the fight against Magneto, but otherwise survived the mission unharmed. (Survival of the Fittest)

He was made a founding member of Crimson Squad, and participated in the raid on the U.S.S. S.S. Surrounded Sea. When the team met up with James Zanasiu and his allies, he filled a support role as hacker, though Rudyard Shelton and Shakila Brennan had problems finding a role for him during several missions.

After the destruction of Crimson Base he was seen on a helicopter with the other members of Crimson Squad, indicating they survived the destruction. (Disruptive Selection)