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Acker was a scientist stationed at Pelvanida Research Base.

Character history[]

Acker was Serathano Goldfire's monitor, assigned to watch the experiment and make sure it behaved appropriately. When Serathano broke free of his bonds from a temporary powerout during the terrorist invasion, he defeated Acker in hand-to-hand combat. Acker offered to guarentee Serathano's freedom if Serathano would protect him during the terrorist attack.

The pair joined the resistance group until the assault on the Advanced Weapons Testing Room, where Acker was almost immediately killed by gunfire. (Darwin's Soldiers)



  • He is the only non-main character to join the resistance group.
  • His species, crab, is not an allowed species in the Gang of Five canon since all sealife is stated to be non-anthro. Serris has attributed the looser Furtopia rules to "Early Installment Weirdness."