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Achilles was a member of DS-2.

Character history[]

Achilles, along with the rest of DS-2, participated in the original rescue of Dr. Ian Branston and later helped organize the escaping convoy.

Later, he fought with DS-2 at the Idaho Prison Base and was one of the five DS members to escape the base alive. While at Idaho Prison Base, he overheard Rudyard Shelton and Yuri Kerzach discussing the fact that they were enemy spies.

At New Peenemunde Harbor, Achilles confronted Shelton in a kitchenette about this fact, and held him at gunpoint. At a crucial moment, however, he was distracted by Kerzach entering the room, and Shelton killed him with a coffee pot and brewer. Kerzach and Shelton then drove his body out to the countryside and disposed of it in the tall grass next to a stretch of remote road. (Disruptive Selection)