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Ace in Gamer 2

Advanced Cybernetic Entity, known also as Ace was a virtual robot programmed by Kevin to kill Hailey in his virtual reality machine. (Gamer) He ambushed Hailey in the Coliseum level, Bunker level and later the Factory level, but was destroyed. His death caused the unraveling of the entire game.

As an enemy in Gamer 2, Ace hovers at the top of the factory level and fires electric pulses downwards. He must be shot three times with the derezzer, whereupon he crashes into the water flooding the base of the factory. While he's in the water, Hailey needs to fire at the levers on either side of the factory to electrocute the water and blast Ace back into the air, now badly damaged. Repeat the sequence, and Ace will explode and turn into a portal to the next level.

Ace shoots Kora with an electric pulse