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008, dubbed the War Dragon, was an experiment created at Pelvanida.

Character history[]

008 and his brother were kidnapped at an early age by Dr. Eclipse. who turned them into dragons and gave them nanobot-imbued immunity.

During the terrorist incident, Eclipse completed her work on turning 008 into an unstoppable killing machine. She confronted Dragore and his new ally Michael Garrelli. A tense standoff began, punctuated only with a brief interruption by Fang.

His fate following the bio-bomb is unknown. He was not seen by any of the indivduals who visited Pelvanida at any time. A comment by Dr. Eclipse suggested that his regenerative nano-bots were either ineffective or not as effective as Dragore's, so he may not have been able to survive the carnivorous atmosphere. (Darwin's Soldiers)



  • Despite his character sheet listing his species as dragon, his backstory explains that he was a human forcibly transformed against his will. He and his brother. are the only known characters of this style of anthropomorphism.
  • For some reason, Tersian referred to 008 as a female.